Give your business an efficient, flexible and personalized solution.

Being an integral part of an industry that is constantly evolving technologically and methodologically, we provide reliable systems of storage and distribution of products – goods and information, in line with modern trends imposed by the environment.

We own a warehouse with a license for loading and unloading operations, which is in compliance with statutory safety standards such as fire safety and earthquake protection. We also insure your merchandise according to your preferences.

Logistics services we provide:

  • Personalized product – merchandise flow management strategy.
  • Receiving of goods from suppliers
  • Specialized storage (temporary or lasting)
  • Collection of products-goods according to the order to be executed (picking)
  • Packing and palletizing of orders to be delivered
  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Distribution of goods to destination
  • Information and document management
  • Application of the cross docking method, where necessary, which perfectly serves the philosophy
    Just In time (JIT), with the aim of faster delivery of products to the final recipient.


Our goal is for your products to reach the end user,
in the shortest time possible and the lowest cost possible,
offering you, at the same time, high quality service
and absolute specialization.

Our experience in the Industry

Our highly trained staff, the sophisticated warehouse management systems (WMS), the modern storage , identification and handling equipment, combined with our experience in the field and the constant checks we carry out for Fidelity, can guarantee you the best results.

We are a member of the Association of International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Enterprises of Greece.
General terms of storage of goods according to SYNDDEL

Our other services

International Transport

Our experience in the field of international transport for 25 years, combined with our knowledge and logistical support, can guarantee you the safety, speed and flexibility you need.

Special Services

Because for us at Convoy Trans, your requirements are a challenge, we try to meet the needs of even the most demanding transport.